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MCShippers membership benefits

Finding the right truck available in your area that matches your shipment need is like finding a needle in a haystack. Beyond relying on the big trucking companies name, the second known option would be to use brokers to find a truck to move your freight. Shippers lose touch with the current freight rates, which leads to a full manipulation by the brokers to both the shippers and the Motor Carriers.
But what if you have a platform that matches your shipping needs with complete transparency on finding all available trucks and you take full control of your shipment in a matter of a few minutes. Saving you time, keeping you in touch with shipping rates, and having truck companies competing for your freight.
MCShippers is a freight marketplace with accessibilities to every available truck that matches your shipment allowing trucking companies to bid on your freight, counteroffer rates, track your shipment. No more paperwork – everything is completed on MCShippers platform. You have full control over your shipment arranging everything directly with the assigned carrier of your choice with NO middleman! Join US

Create unlimited shipments from small packages to full truck loads.

Receive multiple quotes on one screen, with no phone calls, from available carriers.

Unlimited access to all vetted carriers with the ability to carry your shipment.

The opportunity to negotiate shipment rates.

Direct contact with your chosen Carrier.

Real time tracking and GPS routing.

24/7 access from Web and mobile devices to manage shipments.

E-mail/text notifications.

Paperwork processing from shipping labels to Bill of Lading.

Secure payment processing.