Independent Carriers

Independent Carriers

Independent Carriers are individuals who are using their own vehicles, whether it is a car, a SUV, a pickup, or truck pulling a trailer to provide local deliveries or nationwide but limited to certain freight weight.

Through the MCShippers Power Program, you are fully independent, and with a valid driver's license can start your own delivery/shipping business today.

MCShipper Power members determine their own schedule. Quote only the loads that work within the timeframe you wish to operate, freeing your schedule for family time, vacation and other commitments.

Only want to deliver local – no worries! You determine which quotes to offer to the areas that you are comfortable delivering based on your payload.

Once you have signed in to your account, your search for loads will provide you with loads you are able to deliver. You enter your quote for the shipper’s consideration. You will receive a text confirmation when your quote is accepted.

Membership options:

A) If your GVWR is 10,000 Lbs. or less, you DO NOT need a DOT# (Department of Transportation number). And you will be limited to view only shipments that will NOT exceed your GVWR (more than 10,000 Lbs).

B) If your GVWR is 10,001 Lbs. but less than 26,000 Lbs., you will be required to obtain a DOT# from the FMCSA. If you choose option B, please go to this link and follow instructions to get your DOT# This option will give you more opportunities to view more cargo shipments.