About Us

MCShippers primary goal is to offer both shippers and carriers up-to-date technology to logistically connect transportation that works beneficially for both carriers and shippers. Our platform will allow members to create and carry unlimited shipments of any size in the vehicle best suited for transporting the shipment by available carriers on the desired shipping date.

Here’s how it works for Shippers


Create unlimited shipments

Available Carriers

Access to all available carriers with the desired shipping date and equipment needed


Get multiple quotes from available carriers

Negotiate Rates

Negotiate rates with available carriers

Save time

Save time on reaching out for many available carriers throughout MCShippers

Your Business

Keep your business in touch with reality rate fluctuation

High Volume Shipping

Take advantage of high volume shipping discounted rates with big carriers

If you are a carrier, Our members will

Contact Shippers

Have direct contact with shippers

Shippers Nationally

Have access to shippers nationally (not even in your network) to match freight

Desired Rates

Be able to submit your desired rates and not be limited to which carrier called the shipper first

All size available

Have access to all different sizes of available shipment in your location to maximize your revenue

Unlimited Access

Have unlimited access to shipments

Secure Payment

Have access to MCShippers secure payment system

Truckers on the Road

Save time on searching for available loads especially for truckers on the road