About Us

MCShippers primary goal is to offer both shippers and carriers up-to-date technology to logistically connect transportation that works beneficially for both carriers and shippers. Our platform will allow members to create and carry unlimited shipments of any size in the vehicle best suited for transporting the shipment by available carriers on the desired shipping date.

The country has over 950,000 trucking companies. 92% of these companies operate 6 trucks or less. 97.8% have 20 trucks or fewer. Due to the size of these companies, the majority of them rely on brokers to get loads. These same brokers have established a system that takes advantage of the small companies in various ways using their own load boards and company apps that serve the broker and not the trucking company! Brokers require you to download their apps or they won’t book the load, or they penalize you for not downloading their app.

MCShippers is a platform designed by motor carriers to serve carriers and shippers; connecting them with no middleman to cut into the profit. You search for the needed freight, submit your rate, and update your rate anytime. MCShippers is a freight marketplace platform that serves all carriers and shippers. It’s time to let everyone know that we are doing all the work and we are moving America on our trucks. Enough is enough, let’s take our industry back and be in control of our business and quit being controlled by the brokers!

Sell your services through MCShippers. Spread the word – tell your friends, shippers and all who you deliver to about MCShippers!
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